Friday, September 12, 2008

We No Like Ike

Happy Fall!
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Well, I'm still sick and even had to miss work yesterday because of fever...and the fact that my co-workers really don't want to get this junk. Can't say that I blame them...

Anyway, we're gearing up for an uncertain weekend as it appears Ike has us in his crosshairs. Even though the eye of the storm should pass by us to the East, his girth is gigantic so we've been told to prepare for Tropical Storm force winds and up to 5 inches of rain. While we could use the rain, I'd a bit leery about the winds...and I'm also nervous about trying to get three puppies to go potty outside when it's pouring :-)

Dave's already gotten a call letting him know they're expecting a number of babies at Hillcrest that have been evacuated from the coast so I'm sure things will be hopping for him this weekend. We're dreading the possibility of not having electricity but have stocked up on batteries, flashlights and a camp light so Tay can read her library books to stave off boredom. Assuming that we manage to keep electricity, the satellite is sure to go out but we've been recording stuff all week so hopefully Tay won't be to unhappy.

We are very thankful that what we're facing is so minor in comparison to those down in Galveston and surrounding areas. A 20-foot storm surge is expected and waters are already rising--and the storm isn't supposed to hit for another 12 hours! Needless to say, devastation is very likely and we're praying for those who had to evacuate their homes.

We're hoping for the best!