Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Happy Fall

Looks like I'm falling behind again on posting but we've been super busy with school, and its related activities, beginning again. Between dance, gymnastics, homework, soccer, Baylor football games...well, you get the picture...we've been quite busy!

Anyway, this will be a short one because I've come down with the upper respiratory gunk that's been going around. It's compounded in my case because I have a twisted and deviated septum from when I broke my nose 5 years ago. I saw a plastic surgeon last week and all of the paperwork has been sent to my insurance so, hopefully, it will be fixed either at Thankgiving or Christmas...way to spend the holidays, huh? That also explains why I'm at work instead of passed out at home...I'm trying to save sick days :-)

On to Taylor news...she was ecstatic that Baylor beat Northwestern State last weekend (by a lot!) and we're hoping to attend the Washington State game this weekend (right after her first soccer game); however, Hurricane Ike may have other plans for us...his current track puts him heading directly for Waco although he will only be a Tropical Storm when he arrives. We desperately need the rain but it could be a long weekend with just me, Tay and the puppies...long for Dave, too, as they're expecting lots of babies that have been evacuated from the south.

I'm sure there's more going on right now but I just can't think clearly today...we're looking forward to cooler temps in a couple of weeks. It's been a long, hot, sticky summer!