Monday, January 12, 2015

Tiny Favorites

Found these favorites from the Christmas season today and really wanted to document them for posterity's sake. I'll do another post on my Taylor favorites as well because, y'all, that sweet girl is really coming into her own. She's beautiful and kind, funny and witty, intelligent and snarky...all at the same time.

Such is life with a teen, though.

But this one is about Tiny, who is the exact opposite of her older sister, y'all. She doesn't care for sleep, she is CONSTANTLY on the move, and is probably going to skip from crawling to running. If I thought the first year with a micro preemie was exhausting, well, I have no adjective for year two. And we haven't quite reached her adjusted age yet! :)

But she is sooooo precious...

...and curious. On this day, she learned about money. And how to empty my wallet in 0.4 seconds.

She's also become incredibly hard to entertain during church. Well, to my liking anyway. She wants to talk. Loudly. And would prefer to crawl under the pews to go visiting. Needless to say, we're lucky to make it until the preaching begins before the little one goes to play in the nursery. :)

She looooooves the puppies. Feeds them from her high chair, snuggles them, and supervises their eating time. Apparently.

She also spent a lot of time snuggling with Maw Maw when she was here for Christmas. Be. Still. My. Heart.

And her wonder at the lights (and only the lights - she had no use for ornaments or any other type of decoration) was the most innocently precious thing I've ever seen.

My thoughts these days are CONSUMED with "this time last year" because it's been almost a year since she unexpectedly came into our lives. I look at my TimeHop app and think "you had no idea what was coming." I also think back to those years when I was so angry, heartsick and anxious about the future and realize that there was absolutely no reason to waste all that time with unproductive emotions.

Now, that's a retrospective look. There's no way you could've convinced me of that at the time. And I'm so thankful that we were blessed with this little punkin. Though I cannot wait to meet the baby that wasn't able to join us here on earth, one thing that gives me comfort is that I KNOW where that baby is and that it's not suffering. I also know that we wouldn't have been open to Tiny joining our family if we were running after a toddler a year ago.

And it breaks my heart to think the one who snuggled with me during nap time yesterday could have had a totally different outcome. Sometimes it takes years to make peace with the hard, hard situations in life. This is one I've finally found closure in and I can't even begin to tell you how much of a weight that has lifted. :)