Thursday, January 15, 2015

Taylor Favs

This girl, y'all.

She challenges me. Frustrates me. Makes me laugh. Hysterically. Is soooo much more mature than I even thought about being at her age. And she's also beautiful. And really has no idea.

Her IG selfies are somewhat legendary (among her peers) and they crack me up because she will hardly ever let me take pictures. But she'll snap approximately 1,384 of herself on any given day. And deem ONE good enough to post. ;)

She's quirky and witty. She knows what she likes. And what she does not. She doesn't feel much pressure to "fit in" or "be like everyone else." She's found her niche in FFA, loves her heifer and tolerates her goat most of the time.

She's an AMAZING big sister and Tiny thinks she hung the moon. She adapts to major life change almost seamlessly and even decided to give up volleyball this year to focus on the things that matter most. She loves Jesus, serves on Youth Council, loves little kids (as long as she can give them back), and recently decided to be a neonatal nurse.

And, just when I think she couldn't possibly make me more proud, she surprises me and blows me away once again. Like when she attacked high school the first semester and brought home her end of semester GPA - which was an A average. That's a HUGE accomplishment, y'all, for one who previously swore off school. And meant it. 

Now that's not to say we don't deal with teenage angst, attitude, a mouth that gets ahead of her at times (she gets that from her mom), messy rooms and errant grades. She's stubborn (sometimes for good and others not - like the rest of us) and WEARS ME OUT at times.

But there's no cooler kid on the planet. And the fact that I get to be her mom is one of my greatest blessings.