Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Gaylord Atrium

One of our first orders of business over the holidays was to head to the Gaylord to see this year's ICE! exhibit. It's become a tradition for us and even though we saw one while we were in Galveston for Thanksgiving, I really wanted to continue the Grapevine piece as well because it's always such a fun day.

We began our day at Cheesecake Factory (also another tradition) and then headed over to the hotel. Because we didn't know exactly what time we would arrive (Dottie had to be delivered to the vet for breeding that morning AND toothless Tiny had a dentist appointment), I hadn't bought tickets prior to our arrival. Um...let's just say I'm gonna try not to do that again and we had some time to kill before our exhibit time. :)

So we did what we generally do at some point...explored the atrium. Well, the older girls and I did anyway. Tiny decided it was a great time for a long nap with her dad.

The decorations were beautiful as were my photo subjects. And there's not much commentary to add to these so just enjoy the photos...