Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas (Eve) Morning

Christmas Eve 2014 will probably go down as one of my favorite days EVER because it was just a sweet morning to share Tiny's first Christmas. Technically, it was her second but she wasn't with us the prior year and she was still in the NICU in December 2013 so she didn't get to do much celebrating.

Tonto had to work Christmas Day so Santa got the memo that he needed to come to our house a bit early. The good thing about her being so young is that I was able to keep her out of the living room until Tonto returned from the gym and Taylor woke up. Probably won't happen more than one or two times like that again but - for this year - it worked. :)

Santa brought three toys and filled stockings for the girls. We're still in our temporary home and it doesn't have a mantle so the stockings landed on the piano this year. Right along with the snow village.

And there was limited room there so the boys' stockings landed elsewhere. Again, it's temporary. And it worked. Which is really what the holidays were about for me this year. Enjoyment and not perfection.

This is how Taylor felt about pictures. And it makes me laugh every single time.

And, yes, Tiny's pajamas made it look like she was a wrapped present. She is one of the greatest gifts we've ever received so it was fitting.

There are more pics from this morning that I can't share (yet) but watching Tiny figure out her toys was adorable. We've not really gone all out on toys (up until Christmas anyway) so it was kind of new to her. And she REALLY figured it out by the time we opened presents at my parents' house later in the day.

We exchanged all of our inner circle gifts after enjoying what Santa brought and everyone was surprised so that was super fun. Because 1) we don't usually exchange gifts and 2) when we do, it's not generally a surprise.

After cleaning up for the day, we spent the afternoon and early evening at my parents' house having a traditional Christmas dinner and opening gifts. We came back in time for our church's Candlelight Christmas Eve and it was such a special time. Tiny LOVED the candles and, honestly, I spent a lot of those services wondering if there would ever be another baby in our lives. So to have it play out the way it always had in my dream, well, it was just a MOMENT.

Christmas Day was pretty low-key as Dave went back to work and Taylor spent the day with her dad's family. Tiny and I headed back to my mom's for the afternoon because my grandmother was leaving the following day. We also hooked up with Dave's sweet family a couple of days later to have dinner out and spend some time with the girls.

All in all, it was a laid back and relaxed Christmas holiday. Which was exactly what we needed after a year of ups, downs, roller coaster rides, uncertainty and anxiety. Worth it for our girl. And I would do it over again a MILLION times. But so good to take a minute and just regroup. Not gonna lie. :)