Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Actual BIRTHday

When we arrived in Galveston, it was late. Like, almost midnight. Which meant we had the opportunity to explore the resort a bit by ourselves.

The big girl thought this chair was AMAZING...

...while Tiny was fascinated by the fire pit...

...and I loved the Christmas decor. As you can see from the above pic, Tonto loved that they the pool bar area was still open.

After a few hours sleep, we took Tiny to Whataburger for breakfast. Her favorite food is French fries and Taylor had declared that she should be able to have at least one or two at each meal on her actual birthday. So we made it happen.

Once we got back to the hotel, their macaw was finally on display and Tiny was alternately amazed and frightened by him talking to her.

We also explored the pool area in the daylight and even ventured onto the designated "quiet hill." Which I had no idea existed. Anywhere.

Once we all got dressed for the day, we walked over to Rainforest Cafe...

...where we had a lunch that included more French fries and Tiny's favorite atmosphere. Most kids are afraid of all of the noise and movement, or so say the folks who work there, but she loooooves it.

We hit a few souvenir stores where Taylor and I both scored new sunglasses and then hit the (heated) pool for a bit before retiring for the evening.

Most of us took a nap and we wrapped up the day with - you guessed it - a few more French fries. This time from McDonald's. Clearly we were all about health food for the day. :)

And, basically, it was absolutely PERFECT.