Thursday, December 11, 2014

Ice Land!

On Thanksgiving Day, we had a very non-conventional experience. I love turkey and dressing as much as the next girl but it was fun to break the mold and hang out on the beach, around the pool, and in the hotel room with my peeps for most of the day.

We actually did have Thanksgiving dinner. At Golden Corral. And it was cheap, easy and there was nothing to clean up. :)

We had tickets for Ice Land at Moody Gardens, which is coincidentally the main reason we went back to Galveston for the holiday. Taylor saw the promo for it while we were visiting the rainforest over the summer and an idea was born. 

This is the first time they've had an ice exhibit here and it was so fun. We generally go to the one at Gaylord Texan but this one allowed you to get a lot closer to the exhibits and there was even an ice maze you mosey through.

Basically, this is picture overload but it will give you the idea...and, yes, Tiny is inside Tonto's parka. She could see AND remained warm. :)

A fantastic way to get into the Christmas spirit. Loved every very cold second.