Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas at The San Luis

Our final day at the coast (Black Friday) was pretty laid back and relaxing. Just like the rest of the trip, honestly. Tonto and I got up early with Tiny and explored the Christmas decorations in the lobby. She was wearing festive pajamas so it seemed like the right thing to do was to take some pics.

She loved the boxes and the shiny wrapping paper. A great deal.

Exploring is kind of her thing right now. :)

The three of us ended up at IHOP for some breakfast (Taylor chose to stay in the hotel for a bit more shut eye) and let's just say she made her presence known by throwing almost every bite of food offered onto the floor. Yes, we cleaned it up before we left. I am a former server after all! :)

Eventually, we all got dressed and packed and loaded up. Our one requirement for the day from the teen was to hit up some shops on The Strand. She absolutely LOVES shopping here. Not exactly sure what the draw is but, hey, it makes her happy and she really didn't even ask for much.

And, I have to say, Black Friday is so much more calm and relaxing on The Strand. 

We did stop at Buc-ee's on the way home because, you know, FUDGE. And then we ate at Texas Roadhouse because Taylor just felt it had been too long since she'd had their food. Probably a couple of years, honestly. 

All in all, we had a FANTASTIC trip. And I was so relaxed and ready for a quiet week leading up to the bowl selection show. That was until Sunday when College GameDay decided they were making their way to Waco. But that's another post. Because it was NUTS. And AWESOME.