Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanksgiving Getaway

Over the years, I've seen lots of photos from folks who take amazing trips during the Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays. We've never really been one of those cool families, though....until this year.

Kind of. :)

This year, we had Thanksgiving dinner a bit early and headed down to one of our favorite places - Galveston. It may not be the tropical locale most would choose but we still can't take Tiny out of the state (yet) and this is a place that's become really special to us over the years.

We've had a very special, life-changing year. And it's been amazing. But I would be lying if I tried to downplay the stress, uncertainty, tears and fears we've experienced. It's a roller coaster and every up has had a down. I would also be lying if I said the prayers and love of our friends and family weren't a HUGE part of us making it through the past 11 months.

And Taylor's school schedule (no holidays since Labor Day) didn't help much as far as exhaustion went. Just keeping it real.

So...we found a great deal on The San Luis Resort and headed south for a few days. Just the four of us.

We spent a ton of time exploring the resort...

...soaking up some rays...

...and, truthfully, doing a whole lot of NOTHING.

It was glorious and amazing...

...and allowed us to see the beaches of Galveston in the most pristine condition EVER...

...and it was good for the soul.

Sometimes you just have to press 'pause'...

...and this was that time for us. 

And I'm so very grateful that it worked out this way. All of it. The entire year. :)