Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lazy, Rainy Days

If you aren't in Central Texas, you might not realize that it's been raining lately. A lot. Like, more than any one area could possibly use. It's making me cranky. And allergy-ish. It also means simple pleasures have been found in odd ways - like finding Diet Cream Soda. It's an incredibly rare find in these parts. :-)

I finished up with the class I was teaching this fall and took several photos of my students with the Judge Baylor statue. Their "mean muggin'" pic was my fave.

There's also a pretty big football game going down tomorrow evening in Waco. I'm both excited and nervous. Kind of ready to get it over with...

...and definitely ready to wear my new shirt.

This boy has continued on his road to recovery and is not fully healed from surgery. He is also definitely has a gluten allergy, which means all the guys are now eating new food. It's been kind of a pain BUT he's doing so well that it's hard to be cranky.

Unless it continues to rain, that is.