Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bass Pro Shops

During our very first trip to Grapevine, Tonto and I took the girl to Bass Pro Shops. To see the Christmas decorations. She loved them and even made a reindeer ornament (out of a candy cane) for a little keepsake. She did not, however, have any interest in the goods sold at the store.

My, times have changed. My little stock showing girl and her friends just HAD to visit as soon as possible. And they may have taken a bunch of pictures that looked like they were kissing fish. You will not find those here.

Unlike the downtown area, BPS was already completely decked out for the holidays.

And either my memory is not as good as it used to be...

...or they've really stepped up their game.

The decor was absolutely beautiful...

...and some might even say breathtaking.

Of course, there were the usual areas for kiddos to take photos...

...and a special place for the jolly fella.

The usual centerpiece was grand as ever...

...and even the largest taxidermy pieces had a festive flair.

Each of the girls found something they could not live without - H & E purchased long sleeve T-shirts while my girl finally got a beloved Columbia jacket. Coming from a self professed "hoodie collector," this mama welcomed the change of pace.

But - let's be honest - these were the most special treasures of all. :-)