Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Everyone In Black

So there was a football game in Waco last week. And it was kind of a big deal, y'all. Perhaps you heard? :-)

I took off at noon and the girl may have been picked up from school a bit before that time so we could all go tailgating. Even Gilbert came along this time.

It may have been the #EveryoneInBlack game but, y'all, there was more electricity in the air than I've seen since a certain men's basketball team debuted brightly colored uniforms.

Needless to say, March of the Bears was unlike any I've ever seen. People were everywhere and some, quite frankly, just cut in line in front of children. The players barely had enough room to walk through, which would explain the ONE photo I got. Hello, Cyril!

Soon after we caught up with Dr. Cox - Taylor's principal. He's a phenomenal leader at her school who really cards about the kids and is also a HUGE Baylor fan. What more could one want?

Soon after, Brenda, Taylor and I found Judge Starr so - of course - we had to take a pic.

And then Karen joined the party. :-)

After a raucous tailgate that, at one point, had Tonto and I looking at each other trying to figure out who all the people were (hint: one was All Floyd Casey Team member Lawrence Elkins - that was a surprise!), we hit the stadium for what was the most amazing atmosphere I've ever witnessed at Floyd Casey.

And the Line. Well, it was large.

Aforementioned All Floyd Casey Team. In its entirety.

Seriously. The crowd. This is after the first touchdown when the Line ripped off their gold jerseys to reveal blackout shirts. It. Was. A. Sight.

This shows more than nine minutes left but the score did not change. And did I mention we were playing OU?

There was stop after defensive stop, friends.

And, after a shaky start, the offense proved once again that they are SCARY GOOD.

And can we talk about how amazing Mr. Bryce Petty is at QB?

Our British friend, Jason Osei, is also getting more and more playing time. And he's also looking fierce.

And, if you're a Baylor fan, you both recognize AND appreciate this "We Are Going to Win" sign. :-)

Sic 'em , Bears!