Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Fun in Grapevine

Last Friday, my mom and I set out with Taylor and two of her sweet friends for some holiday fun in Grapevine. This is an annual trip (with various participants) that usually doesn't occur until December but I got an email for half price ICE! tickets before Thanksgiving. Sometimes a little incentive like that gets you in the mood a bit early. :-)

After a construction filled drive that took a bit longer than anticipated, we checked in at Embassy Suites and soon headed to dinner at Applebee's. It was quite entertaining but - let's be honest - any outing that includes three teenage girls is usually pretty entertaining.

Here we are trying to decide if we're brave or crazy. :-)

And three angel girls awaiting appetizers.

After dinner we headed to the Gaylord to see the outside lights at night and then hit Downtown Grapevine for a little stroll. Unfortunately, most of the Christmas decorations were up but not yet lit. We were able to find a few, though.

Such a quaint little town. Love. It. 

Also love this candy chandelier. Like, a lot!

Once we wrapped up our downtown excursion, our three FFA girls insisted upon going to Bass Pro Shops. It could NOT wait until the next day. No way. No how. So we, of course, obliged. But that's a place that lends itself to a lot of photos so I'll save your retinas and give it its own post. ;-)