Monday, July 22, 2013

They Say It's Your Birthday

Last Thursday I had lunch with these beauties and then checked out Taylor's handiwork from World Changers. It was a great way to kickoff my birthday festivities. :-)

After a 3-mile trek on the new city trail, we headed to a late movie where some of us saw Fast & Furious 6 while others saw The Purge. Said people thought it was HILARIOUS.

I was up bright and early on Friday to hit Camp Gladiator. Personally, I think you should burn triple calories when working out on your birthday. And because of the serious exertion, I finally decided to try Sonic's pretzel dogs. 

They. Are. Amazing.

After loading up on carb goodness, we hit Hawaiian Falls. Because who doesn't want to ring in their 35th year with some good ol' fun in the sun?

The beauties...

...and this guy made it a super relaxing time. Also, there were soooo many people there it just wasn't worth waiting in the lines when you can simply soak in a pool.

After dinner at Cici's (no, don't ask me why), we headed back to the movies for Grown Ups 2. It was so funny, y'all. Not deep or thought provoking, y'all, but funny.

And then it was time for frozen yogurt because, you know, BIRTHDAY.

It was a low key, fun, relaxing day. Just what the doctor ordered. And my parents were coming the next day so the fun was just getting started. :-)