Tuesday, July 16, 2013

She's Changing the World

Last week my girl went to World Changers with a group of friends from her youth group. This was her first foray in the the mission trip arena (of any type) and I wasn't all that certain how she would feel about the actual WORK. There was no doubt, however, that she would have fun with her friends and looooove helping people.

That's just who she is. Heart as big as Texas. And, no, she did not get the selflessness from me. 

Just keepin' it real.

Anyway, the good news is that World Changers was in Waco so she wasn't all that far from home. So when she and her pal desperately needed air mattresses after the first night of sleeping on the hard floor, we were able to come to the rescue.

This was after only one day of working, y'all. And they looked R-O-U-G-H. And spent. And tired. But most definitely determined. Love. These. Kids.

As it turned out, Taylor spent the entire week painting a house. Judging from the ruined clothes she brought home, she is not the neatest painter in the world. But she had a great time, met new friends, grew in more ways than I probably know, and did indeed finish painting said house.

The other plus to her having been so close to home is that we can actually see her handiwork. Which is exactly what we'll be doing this weekend. :-)

To say I'm proud of this girl is no surprise. I say it repeatedly. But the sweet and giving attitude she had about the whole project made my heart swell. Again, she didn't get it from me. 

But I'm so glad she got it from Him.