Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Let There Be Cake

One thing that a lot of people don't know about me (particularly with my lack of eating carbs for the past year) is that I have a serious weakness for red velvet cake. It is my absolutely favorite. And my mom always spoils me with one on my birthday. This year was certainly no exception.

For which I'm really grateful. ;-)

My parents came up the day after my birthday. With cake in hand. And said cake was pretty much devoured after a lovely lunch at Chuy's. There's just something about their creamy jalapeno ranch.

My girl took these pictures (and switched the camera to the way wrong setting, which would explain the quality) and she wanted nothing to do with being IN a photo. Tonto really didn't either, quite frankly, which is kind of obvious from his lack of smiling and cutoff T-shirt.

But my dad took this pic and, hopefully, it shows that at least one person was happy about the whole Mexican food/cake/birthday festivities.

And thus began my 35th year...thus far it appears it's going to be a wild and crazy ride. And I'm perfectly ok with that...because the alternatives aren't exactly attractive. :-)