Wednesday, July 17, 2013

She Prefers Offense

 After an incredibly full week at World Changers, we picked Taylor up about 11:30pm last Friday because she was headed to Baylor All Skills Volleyball Camp the next day. To be exact, she had to be in place and ready for drills no later than 9am. And all of her laundry had to be done and repacked. 

It was a grand time.

To be really truthful, Friday night was a breeze. The girl was absolutely wired and talked 90 miles a minute telling us about her grand adventure. I looooove it when she's in that kind of mood because I can find out more in five minutes than I do in a week sometimes.

That being said, Saturday morning was not good. Or ok. The person she thought she was rooming with ended up not attending camp, several of her friends moved up to Elite Camp (ie high school) and we had a major disagreement about packing.

There were tears and irrational statements and gnashing of teeth. 

And Taylor was pretty upset as well.

So I spent most of the weekend worried about my girl, beating myself up, and sending her texts in order to try to extract information. I even offered to pick her up Saturday night but she sent back "no, I'm fine."

That's when I knew the girl was back. And was just being hard headed. Like her mother. :-)

After being apart for so long, I was more than ready to see her on Monday afternoon. When I got there (as usual) it took me a while to find her because they're all dressed alike. And wearing knee pads. And playing volleyball. With their hair up.

It's a real life game of Where's Waldo.

And I thought for a minute she may have actually jumped ship.

But, alas, I did fid her.

Along with 150+ of her newest friends.

And, as any good Baylor campers do, they ended with a rousing Sic 'Em, Bears!

And, after all the tears and gnashing of teeth, the worrying and second guessing, and the stress and anxiety, it would appear the girl straight up turned it on as soon as I walked out the door.

Because guess who walked away with the offensive player award?

And, let me tell you, she was pretty proud of herself. 

But not nearly as proud as her mother was...

Also, I should perhaps start realizing just how tough my girl is. :-)