Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Champs and Such

By now you probably know our men did, in fact, secure the NIT Championship. I really can't tell you how happy we were for this guys. They have hearts of gold and really battled this season to finish on a high note. Sort of like our football team did. And I may have actually predicted that would happen...though I was definitely OFF about the timing of the ascent. :-)

Because I'm super sad Pierre will be graduating and leaving us, I pulled up this pic from this time last year. Good gracious, y'all, both of these kiddos have grown up and changed a LOT in a year.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, our girls turned a corner over the weekend and secured their first tournament hardware of the season. This is the first year for most of these girls to play club ball and some had never even played volleyball so their progress has been pretty fun to watch.

Never have I ever seen my child more BESIDE HERSELF than when she stuffed someone at the net and followed it up with two ace serves. Which obviously means never has my heart ever almost exploded in sheer joy quite like it did on Saturday. ;-)

One more practice tonight and a tourney on Saturday...and then the season will be over. But we will certainly be playing again next year. And definitely with the same club. 

Sooooo thankful my girl has found activities that light up her world. Though volleyball, track and a goat wouldn't have been my first three guesses, they are right up her alley. And that's really all that matters.