Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Texas Tradition

When I moved to Texas many years ago, I had no idea what bluebonnets were so it stands to reason I also had no clue it's illegal to pick them. On someone else's property anyway. And I also didn't "get" the whole take your kids into a patch of wildflowers that may or may not be riddled with pests and/or snakes to take pictures.

But I've clearly gotten over that phobia.

My dad made a point to take my baby girl's pics each and every year. Though there are a (very) few we missed, the hits are a whole lot more plentiful. And this may be a somewhat weak year for these blue beauties but we still managed to find a few patches at our secret spot on Easter afternoon. :-)

My beautiful girl...

...and her main man. 

And, because she felt it only fair if we had to suffer as well...

Love these and will treasure them, without doubt.

And just to give you perspective on how much she's changed in a year, here's my fav shot from last year's shoot.

Oh, what a difference a year can make. Particularly in the life of a teenager. :-)