Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring has Sprung (Or so we thought...)

First and foremost, the Bears are playing for the NIT Championship tonight in New York. At Madison Square Garden. And you know we'll be watching and one of us will probably utter some words that will later be regretted.

Just keeping it real.

And you can clearly see who Rambo's favorite player is - Brady Heslip for those who don't follow the Bears - as he's already flashing his 3 Goggles.

On another note, the weather in Central Texas is (even more) bipolar (than usual) but, over the weekend we were convinced spring had arrived. We were wrong but that's not really essential to this little story.

We are lucky to have lots of very mature plants in our backyard but we needed to rearrange some, mulch and create one bed from scratch. In the process of this little project, I learned a couple of things - 1) Home Depot has a DJ spinning tunes in the garden section on Saturdays now. Who the heck knew?!? 2) This mama is clearly not raising a fool.

After a (sort of) long afternoon and more stooping and squatting than I realized (have no fear - my legs were quite the reminder for three days following), we were up and running again. :-)

Which made me incredibly happy. But not nearly as happy as my people who got 7-Up Cake for Easter. Apparently my lack of eating carbs has really deprived them of bakery treats. And to that I say, well, at least now you appreciate said treats.

Because I was off on Monday, I tried a new Pinterest find - no carb ice cream - and, y'all, it may have changed my life a little. Of course, it was laden with heavy whipping cream and you really can't go wrong with copious amounts of very bad for you dairy.

And, in the interest of full disclosure, our dogs have already dug up one of those beautiful flower beds. Twice. And words were uttered that could not be taken back. But we all survived. :-)

Sic 'em, Bears!