Tuesday, April 23, 2013

In An Instant

It's been almost a week since I walked in the door after running and thought my biggest concern was that the upcoming 5K I'd signed up for just might render me with an inability to breathe. At least that's how it appeared after running the Woodway hills.

Less than an hour later, I watched my husband put his scrubs back on (after working a 12-hour shift) and head back to the hospital to attend to those injured in the fertilizer plant explosion in West. It was surreal to say the least.

Hello, reality check.

Yes, I totally felt like a whiner.

And since then I've not really had much to say. At least not here.

As I frantically exchanged texts with those I know in that area and called my parents (who were completely unaware of what had happened), I had no idea when we would see Tonto again. And that was absolutely no surprise. Because I've watched him do this countless times.

You know the situation is NOT good when the national news picks it up. So my heart literally sank when this popped up on my email...

Dave worked the Jarrell tornado (on site) and has rendered aid in the aftermath of countless disasters. But even he will tell you this one was different. And while his reasons (less severity of injuries but a greater overall total) would be different from mine (it was sooo close to home and we know these folks), the fact remains that all in this area have been greatly affected.

What I know is that, though life may at times seem difficult, I have nothing to complain about comparatively speaking. And I am so thankful my girl's volleyball coach and her family are unharmed. Their homes sustained great damage but they're all well and accounted for.

What I also know is that the lives of those who rendered aid (in any form) that night (and in the days since) will never be the same. The things they've seen remain etched in their memory. And it changes how they view life. To this I can personally attest.

So let's not forget them either in this incredibly long and painstaking recovery.

And let's also not forget the healing powers a baby can bring after an incredibly tense and INtense 24 hours. :-)

Life can change in an instant. Obviously. But somehow it seems much more REAL when it happens in your backyard...