Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Senior Day!!!

So...last Saturday was the last home game of the season, which means it was Senior Day! Now I'm not generally one to get overly emotional at sporting events (or really in general) but the video my friends over in athletics played after the game was over just about did me in. Judging from all the grown men with tears in their eyes, someone was clearly cutting onions at Floyd Casey. :-)

But backing up a bit, it was an 11 o'clock kickoff so we were at the stadium by 7am. On Saturday. And I'd been awake since 5:45am. That alone, in my opinion, deserved a victory.

Needless to say, we were on point for March of the Bears where I finally got photographic evidence of Tonto and his man, Nick Johnson. Seriously, y'all, Nick is one of the friendliest guys I've ever met. Love him.

Nick Florence was also there with his massive beard, which may have earned its own zip code by this point.

Salubi, Reese...

...Williams, Chadwick...

...Mr. Hair of the Week...

...and Beau were a few additional highlights. We are truly blessed to have players who are awesome both on and off the field. No doubt.

After a delightful breakfast tailgate, we headed inside where Tonto was trolling the sidelines to figure out which recruits were in town. Taylor immediately asked about Kaeron, spotted him and asked Dave to call him over. I think it's obvious what her highlight of the day was...

So fun to see the seniors recognized for literally changing the culture - and expectations - of Baylor football. They were Briles' first recruiting class and, honestly, none of what's been accomplished the past few years would have been possible without their believing in Art and his vision.

Truly remarkable. Some might even say it's unbelievably believable. 

It was at this point that I apparently turned all of my attention to the game at hand. It was so awesome to beat Oklahoma State. And to be in control the entire game. A very fitting way for these guys to end their careers as Bears.

Though all of them will always be known in Baylor history. No doubt. And while we will absolutely continue to cheer for many of them as they enter the NFL, they will always be Bears to us.

One a Bear, always a Bear.