Monday, December 17, 2012

Lorena Christmas Classic

We were up and at 'em very early Saturday morning. Tonto because he had to work but the girl and I also had an engagement - the Lorena Christmas Classic Stock Show. It was really a fun day and the girl had a blast hanging out with her FFA girls.

It's really too bad they're so shy, huh?

This is not Bruiser. But I'm soooo sad we didn't think of it!

This, however, is our boy!

Again with the antics. I'm just thankful none of them harmed any limbs in this process.

We had to wait around a long time, friends, and this boy was basically just D-O-N-E.

He and the girl persevered, though, and actually got pulled for the top ten in Showmanship. We were soooo proud! Of both of them.

The prospect show didn't go quite as well for him as we're just in a different stage than many other exhibitors. We've been working to put some major weight on him due to some erroneous advice we were given in the beginning.

So, other than stretching his legs out, he also needs to put on some muscle. Not a problem - we can definitely exercise the little bud but there's was no way to put both weight and muscle on him at the same time. :-)

That being said, he was 10th in the prospect show as well. And Tonto assures me "we're exactly where we need to be." Because I have no evidence to the contrary, I'm going with that line of reasoning.

No matter what, though, it was a fun way to spend a Saturday. We are very blessed to have met some amazing people through this process. And since our county show isn't until February, we have lots of time to get the boy in tip top shape. ;-)