Friday, March 18, 2011

Texas Sports Hall of Fame

Most Girls' Days include the Texas Sports Hall of Fame, right?

To be honest, we probably should have waited until the man could join us. I'm thinking he may have helped us to understand more of what we viewed; however, we still had a great time.

Kim Mulkey - one of Louisiana's finest!

Here's a mini photo essay...

Ok, after we visited the area where each person inducted to the Hall has a display (confession: I did not realize there was actually a display for each inductee until I downloaded the photos...clearly I'm a genius!), we headed into the Football Hall of Fame where we came upon something I actually recognized: Coach McQueen's letter jacket from Temple High School!

And some other Temple coach's cowboy boots...only in Texas, y'all!

I also found Baylor's Coach Art Briles (aka CAB)

Then we headed into the Southwest Conference Gallery...

I can tell you I've never loved this child more than when we began walking in the the University of Texas section and she asked if we could pause for a moment "before going over to the dark side."

The Promised Land :-)

There are so many pictures that I didn't provide a lot of commentary (you're welcome!) but we did have a good time. She also scored some Dallas Cowboys bracelets. Know what I have to say about that?

Who Dat!

Happy weekend, friends :-)