Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes, No, Why?

Yes, the Beth Moore simulcast was amazing!!!

No, I did not take any pictures.

Why? Because I was so busy taking notes. :-)

Yes, we did go to the Kappa Delta Formal.

No, I did not bust a move or take any pictures.

Why? Because I'm apparently too old to be cool at these events these days...

Yes, I did spend most of the weekend battling allergies after a major storm blew in Friday evening.

Yes, I am convinced that allergies are from the enemy. :-)

No, I am not out of Sudafed, Benadryl or nasal spray. In fact, I may just buy stock in them...

Why? Because I am a business school major.

Yes, I did take a major Sunday afternoon nap instead of mowing the lawn, going to the gym or cleaning my house.

No, I do not feel guilty.

Why? Because I feel more rested, more at peace and more equipped to deal with life in general after a great weekend of rejuvenation than I have in a long time.

Yes, Taylor is still hilarious. And adorable.

No, she has not completely gotten over the mouthy 'tween stage.

Why? Because we just started hitting her where it hurt by making her sit in her room by herself for 30 minutes at a time yesterday. (Note: it only took ONCE and who in the world knew that would be the trick? Guess she really hates being alone...)

Yes, I do owe you some photos.

No, I do not have any to offer at the moment.

Why? Because we are taking bluebonnet pics on the way home from the gym tonight so I don't have them yet.

Yes, I realize this is probably annoying.

No, that's not going to stop me...

Why? Because I'm making myself laugh with this format...


petrii said...

Hahaha I thought it was so cute!!!

Have a Super Blessed week,