Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today is Diadeloso. The day of the bear. Baylor's official holiday. Well, at least for the students. :-)

Since I'm about to run face first into the fiscal year deadline that is tomorrow, I'm not participating this year. I did, however, buy t-shirts for both Tay and I. Seasons may come and go but the importance of a t-shirt that marks every campus occasion simply does not change.

Tay got the yellow one and I got the blue one. And, while I have lost weight since buying once last year, I must say that this year's shirts are super sized because mine goes down to my knees. But that's ok because it made me feel skinny.

And I'm all for ANYTHING that makes me feel that way.

So I bring you greetings from Joy and Lady...and hope you have a fantastic day!


petrii said...

Joy and Lady are adorable!!! Love those shirts. Yep I agree a shirt for every school occasion. I have so many shirts from the last few years of high school from things my son has been in. Next year he is a Senior, sniff. How did that happen? Time rushes by so quick.

anyway enough of my reminiscing =)

Have a Blessed evening,