Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The People Spoke...

...and I listened.

Yes, these are terrible photos but I just took them in my office with my camera phone. Not exactly the best quality but at least my hair is not orange. That's a blessing, folks.

In other news, I saw a hot air balloon last night when I ran to Walgreen's for some Advil. Yep, that's right - I had a hoppin' evening at the ol' Walgreen's. Sure did.

A local businessman (Gary Heavin who is the founder of Curves) is a competitive hot air balloonist. Yes, you also read that correctly. He practices around our house periodically. Just never know what you'll find around the corner.

And finally, in other news that is about as exciting as watching paint dry, it's beginning to look a lot like spring in my ol' office in the tower. Not only do I decorate my home seasonally but I also do the same to my office door.
It's sort of the running joke around here because I have everything from leprechauns to dancing Santas. Sometimes you just need a bit of a change, right?