Thursday, April 1, 2010

Family Time

We're super excited because tomorrow starts a 4-day weekend for our little family. Tay is technically not out of school on Monday but, seeing as the Baylor Lady Bears will be playing the late game on Sunday in the Final Four, she will be taking a bit of an extended holiday with me. :-)

We're planning to have a fantastic Resurrection Sunday as Davey usually isn't off for this holiday due to his work schedule. While he's not off for the best of reasons, we'll take it any way we can get it because he's supposed to go back to work two weeks from Saturday. Time flies when you're having fun, huh?

Since we've decided not to move this summer after all (long story, short answer from God), we're doing some home improvements and I plan to start this weekend. One of the things we'll be doing is redecorating Tay's room. Here's a little piece of advice: when you have a 10-year-old girl, don't give her free reign to choose whatever she wants for bedding.


Because your retinas may be permanently scarred from the psychadelic choice she makes. She's apparently never heard (and neither have the designers of LittleMissMatched) that blue, lime green, hot pink, purple and neon orange are a bit hard on the eyes.

Not sure she'll be able to sleep in this room but she'll be happy...

Anyway, I'll be scarce from the blog for a while (that's not exactly news these days, is it?) but promise to be back with pictures (something that's been absent for a while) of our Easter and Final Four adventure. While I know that UConn would be WAY TOUGH to take down, we're just going to enjoy the experience and fling our green and gold afar!!! (or down the Riverwalk, whichever comes first)

I would like to ask you to pray that my man did not suffer any damage to his knee that will delay his recovery when he and Prissy tangled last evening. Let's just say that Dave fought the dog and the dog won. Of course, a man on crutches is no match for 150 pounds of love anyway, right?

He bounced off the floor a couple of times and I'm just begging God that whatever cartilage has already regenerated wasn't affected during his tumble. So, if you think about it, would you mind saying a prayer for him as well?

If he has to stay at home another six weeks...well...we won't go there... :-)

Happy Easter, y'all!!