Monday, August 4, 2008

Finally, An Update!!

Ok, so I've apparently been a slacker and haven't updated in almost a month so many apologies... Things have been crazy busy for us in the past few weeks. For one, we had to unexpectedly purchase a new car so we're now the proud owners of a Trailblazer. Taylor is very excited about the new vehicle and refuses--yes, refuses--to ride in the front seat. Apparently, she really disliked the GTO (except when she wanted to show her friends 'her sportscar') so she's loving having a big backseat again. And we still have the GTO (Dave's driving it now) so she can have her pick!

Let's see, Miss Taylor and I went to the circus a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. It was the day after my 
30th birthday so Tay kept saying it was 'our birthday party.' lol... Then we headed to Temple and had dinner at Roadhouse with Nana and Boppy before diving into chocolate cake and ice cream all hand-picked by Munchkin. Except for entering a new decade, it was a great birthday! 
(Not the picture with the PRECIOUS clown nose. They would only sell them in conjunction with a program so it was $15.)

Last week, Tay spent the week in Troy so she could attend Vacation Bible School with Nana, who was her teacher for the second year in a row. This is becoming quite a tradition and is one Tay really loves. Because it was 
the same curriculum we had at our church's VBS, she already knew the songs and Bible verses so she was very happy :-). We went to the wrap-up play on Friday evening and she even got to hold th
e Christian flag for the pledge!

Most importantly, she came home with a 'big girl' haircut just in time for school to start. It's super cute and comes to about her shoulders now and she's even been letting me curl it with the curling iron. When I dropped her off this morning at daycare, all of the girls were oohing and aahing about her hair, lol...

On Saturday, Tay and
 I went to the library, the Baylor Bookstore (she wanted a Baylor binder for third grade), had lunch at Penland (one of the residence halls on campus), did a bit of grocery shopping and enjoyed the Maps 
exhibit at the Mayborn Museum. 

Have you ever known anyone who got injured at a museum? Well, now you do...nope, it wasn't Tay. In the interactive section of the museum, they have an area where you can stand in the middle of a hula hoop and then pull a large and, unexpectedly, very heavy metal ring to encase yourself in a tunnel of bubbles. Tay thought this was great fun and convinced me to stand in the middle while she pulled the bubble tunnel up around me. All harmless fun, right? Not exactly...

She was so excited to have completed the task that she immediately let go of the ring and it hit me right in the head...I am now sporting a large goose egg and can't raise my eyebrows due to the residual pain of being
 knocked in the noggin. It was truly an accident but man did it hurt! And, really, it's kind of a funny story so go ahead and enjoy a giggle...