Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sic 'Em Bears!

With golf lessons wrapping up on Saturday, I thought I'd give a little update on Tay's progress on the Tiger Woods' front. :-) She is actually quite the golfer and can even play the kids' course at Cottonwood now. We got back to the course a bit early at the last lesson and got to watch Munchkin play a couple of holes. It was really funny because she was the only girl that day so it was just Tay and Alyssa (one of the instructors) playing together. Apparently, all of the guys had gone with Ryan.

Anyway, I guess she thought Alyssa was her personal caddy because she kept asking her to choose the right club, hold her bag, hold her water, give her advice, etc. It was hysterical!! But she is doing really well and enjoys the heck out of it so we'll keep heading to the course...right after soccer season, that is...the Y doesn't do golf again until after it's over and Tay wants to try soccer again. We're waiting with bated breath to see how that one works out, lol...

We're also gearing up for Baylor Bears football, which begins with a nationally televised game on August 28th. Tay's main golf instructor is competing for the quarterback position so we're hoping to see him throwing touchdown after touchdown on the field this fall.  We're putting all of our faith in Art Briles :-)...

Sic 'em Bears!!!