Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Third Grade

Tay started the third grade today (it amazes me that she keeps getting older and I don't...) and was actually excited about heading back to school. She was really dreading it until we began organizing her supplies and labeling all of them a little over a week ago. Then she decided it was time to go back immediately so she's been anxiously awaiting the beginning of the year.

We've entered a new era as she will be switching classes this year and has a desk all to herself (instead of four of them arranged together in a table--she's ecstatic about this because she was tired of other people being messy :-)). Dave and I went to meet her teacher, Mrs. Fertsch, last week while she was at dance class. She's very nice but is really structured, which Tay thrives on, so I think it will be a good year. In addition, her husband used to coach football at Louisiana-Lafayette and then under Kevin Steele at Baylor. He now works one floor above me in the Development Office. Baylor and a Louisiana connection--it's got to be a match made in heaven!

Anyway, I forgot to take a picture this morning (but did make cinnamon rolls so she had a homemade breakfast) so I'll get one this afternoon and then add to the blog. She wasn't real sure if she wanted me to walk her in or not and finally decided it would be ok since she didn't know where her class was. When I left, she and a little boy who was in the same class in second grade were smiling shyly at each other...hopefully, they were just shy because they hadn't seen each other in a while and not because we're beginning to like boys, lol...

More to come once I get pictures...and an update about how things went today...

Sic 'em Bears--the first game is Thursday and will be on national television!!