Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fourth on the Brazos

After attending the Belton Fourth of July Parade with Boppy and having lunch with Nana and Boppy at Mazzio's in Temple, Tay headed back to Waco for some fun at Fourth on the Brazos. We had not attended this event since she was 9 months old so, needless to say, she had more fun this time and the offerings had changed quite a bit.

After promptly buying a patriotic hat with the money Nana gave her (thank you!), she began taking in all of the booths. She loved the caramel apple samples from Rocky Mountain 
Chocolate Factory, colored a whale at the Art Center tent, returned to the Art Center tent to make a colonial hat, walked across the Suspension Bridge for the first time
, had her picture made by the paper that was later put online (cool, huh?), jumped in the bounce houses, bought a glow necklace (I found out too late that it was a pacifier...wouldn't take one as a baby but will at age 8 1/2?), and got lots of freebies from the credit 
union booth.

Whew, that made me tired just typing it!!

Anyway, we then went straight down to the riverwalk and sat on the side (so close our toes were in the water) and waited for the fireworks. And waited. And waited. And waited some more. My very patient child (lol) then decided we could watch from the parking lot. So we headed over and they came on the radio saying they'd had a malfunction and weren't sure when they would start. Not good...

Luckily, though, they began just as we were about to leave so we hopped out of the car and stood in the middle of the road during the show. Tay thought they were "awesome" and that she had "the best seat in the house." Dave and I thought the best part was that we missed ALL o the traffic and got out very easily. Guess it's all about perspective :-)...
Needless to say, she had a BLAST and passed out as soon as her little head hit the pillow...