Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two in One Day!!

Yes, yes, I know...two posts in one day. Can you tell I was excited to get some pics off of my phone? Tay and I went to the park one Saturday last month. It was one of those days that I needed to clean house and do laundry all day but Tay insists that we do 'one fun thing' each Saturday, which isn't a bad thing as it breaks up the chores.

Anyway, this particular day she chose to go to the local park and wanted to take her newest stuffed animal, who was uniquely name Pandie (he's a panda). While she adores any and every type of stuffed toy, we don't usually think outside the box when we're naming them. She has so many now, though, that it's becoming more difficult to keep up with who's who :-)...

Enjoy the pics of Tay and Pandie...please note the braided pig tails...they are apparently our new favorite hairstyle!!