Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Academic Fair

We went to the Academic Fair at school last night and it was really a lot of fun. Each of the second grade classes were assigned a region and created a huge mural on the wall. The region Tay's class was assigned was the rain forest. While all of the other classes just did the mural and called it quite, Mrs. Metz went the extra mile--as always!!

They class was split into two different shifts (one from 6-6:30pm and the other from 6:30-7pm) and then the kiddos each had a part assigned to them. Tay's was about the canopy layer of the rain forest. The kids had a paper button hanging around their neck and would only talk when someone pressed their button. It was funny to see them interact with each other because they would push the button, wait for the presenter to get halfway through a sentence, and then push it again. This resulted in little ones standing there frozen with their mouths hanging open. It was really funny!!

I did take some pictures (aren't you proud of me?) and I'm hoping they came out ok. I also saw the huge washtub she was chosen out of her art class to paint last night. Apparently, she worked on it for a couple of weeks but kept it a big secret so we would be surprised. It's quite detailed and has flowers and a sky painted on it. They decorated the lawn behind the school with them. I'll get a picture of that next time.