Friday, May 30, 2008

Dancing Pants

The second grade had an end-of-school poetry recital on Tuesday morning. Each student had to memorize a poem and either dress up use props while reciting it. Tay's poem was entitled Dancing Pants and it was really cute. Part of the words were "from the seat to the pleat/they'll dance to the beat/with no legs inside them and no feet beneath." Like I said, super cute!

So her prop was a pair of embellished Bobby Jack jeans (really, could we have used anything else?) on a hanger...and she made them dance while she was doing the poem. She did a REALLY good job--not a single moment's hesitation and she remembered all of the words perfectly. In addition, she spoke very loudly and clearly...I was really impressed.

While it was awesome, the poem was also very short so I only have two pictures to share. I was trying to capture the 'dancing pants' and, as you'll see from the blurry picture, she was making them dance extremely FAST!