Monday, May 19, 2008

How about them 'Stros?

We drove to Arlington this weekend to see the Astros take on the Rangers. While our hope had been that we'd see Oswalt and the 'Stros emerge victorious, it simply was not meant to be. We did have a great time, though, and stopped at Tay's favorite restaurant--Joe's Crab Shack! She loves popcorn shrimp but we also managed to get to try the seafood fun-do and it may just be her new favorite dish at the shack.

Tonight we're heading to school for her Academic Fair. They are doing a presentation on the rainforest and she's very excited that she gets to wear a microphone around her neck! I'll try to take a pic with my phone so that you can see her in action.

We're also working to perfect her poem, Dancing Pants, as the second graders are hosting a poetry recital next Tuesday. Last but certainly not least, her class won second place overall in Field Day last Friday. She was very proud of their accomplishment...apparently, they did really well in everything except Tug-of-War. They won one contest but got drug around pretty good in the next three. They didn't get a medal or anything, though...I didn't know it was actually legal not to give the kiddos some type of trinket after they worked and sweated all morning...

Stay tuned this week as Tay has lots of end of school activities we'll be reporting on...only 9 more days of school before she graduates to third grade! Surely I'm not old enough to have a third grader, right?