Thursday, September 29, 2016

September's finally happened. I'm getting caught up. Miracles never cease.

During Labor Day weekend we headed to Belton for the Central Texas State Fair. Though we didn't show her, Cherry made her first trip to a show and she did really, really well. In fact, she actually behaved much better than she does at the barn. Who knew?

Taylor showed both Kate (who I somehow didn't get a picture of) and Cooper. It was one of those shows I love - in and out by lunchtime. Truth be told, those are generally a family favorite. Though you gotta get a multi-day show in there occasionally, which is coming up for us next month.

It was still blistering hot in early September but Taylor and I decided to have our first pumpkin spice treat anyway.

Tiny also found her new best friend - Buddy the dancing ghost. She didn't put him down for about 36 hours and took him EVERYWHERE. He plays The Ghostbusters theme song. Loudly. Discreet is not her thing.

I snapped this at lunch one day because it kind of sums up our life these days - cattle feed and a stroller with red dirt from a stock show.

I also attended a professional development day and the keynote was Clint Harp of Fixer Upper fame. So fun!

Unfortunately, the major story of September was my girl becoming incredibly ill. She and I both came down with what we thought was a simple stomach virus; however, I got better after 3.5 brutal days while she did not. Once at the clinic, we learned that she had a WBC of 15,000 and thoughts immediately went to appendicitis. I snapped this pic while she was drinking contrast and awaiting a CT scan.

We truly believed she would end up having surgery before the day was over so we were surprised when it came back negative. For appendicitis anyway. What she did have was a very bad case of mesoteric adenitis (which mimics appendicitis) and a secondary finding of a large cyst. So we ended up having further testing, learned it's more annoying than worrisome and will go back for follow up in November. Unfortunately, it will probably have to be removed but it could be much worse.

She also ended up in the ED one night due to dehydration despite all our best efforts. She was just SO SICK. I've never seen her so sick for so long. It broke my heart. And she's been a champ about getting back into the school groove and doing makeup work.

{Side note: the week after she returned to school, she called me crying with a headache and vision issues. Talk about a heart attack for mom! But this time she had ethmoid sinusitis, which affect vision due to swelling and infection of the sinuses. Needless to say, we're ready for a healthy season.}

Like I said - blistering hot. This should not be one's fall wardrobe. At least she's cute, though!

And my girl finally returned to work and felt well enough to participate in the student section again! That smirk was a sight for sore eyes.

The next day we headed to another show where Cherry made her debut. And was the American Reserve Grand Champion. AND she was really, really good!

Cooper also did well - he was 4th - in a tough class. There were SO MANY quality steers at this show. It was our first time to head to Hico and, wowza, it was a great show. It was also a combined British class so there were all kinds of steers in each class. So, like I said, it was a good day!

And now that I'm caught up, let the more detailed posts begin!