Friday, September 23, 2016


June. Well, June had a theme. And that would be FFA and stock shows. Cooper got a nice haircut at the beginning of the month since he was kicking off his show career.

He was the breed champ in all four rings at his very first show in Rockdale - he and Taylor won Showmanship that day as well! It was very exciting.

We also spent a lot of time working with this girl. Trying to get close to her. Gain her trust. It was rocky.

Tiny spent time with Nana and Boppy while we were traveling for shows. They even went to the zoo one day.

When she wasn't visiting with Nana and Boppy, Tiny was learning to be a future fitter. Seriously - she LOOOOOVES helping groom Cooper. If only she would brush it in the correct direction.

Cooper also went to Cameron, won breed champion in all four rings and brought home his first belt buckle. The girl was very happy as this was only her second to win and first for a steer.

We went to Ft. Worth for a traveling series called Battle of the Cattle. Here Taylor's allergies swung into full effect and I had to take her to the hotel for some relief. It was a bad, bad day from that standpoint but they had a great showing in showmanship and he was third in his class. Not bad for a show that brings in quality steer from across the state.

Dave and I also attended the wedding of a sweet friend's son. It's so hard to believe he is old enough to start a new life with his wife. Amazing how quickly these kiddos grow up.

Tiny continued her tradition of feeding as many treats as possible to the cattle. Clyde in this instance.

We also put ol' Clyde up for sale. Sadly. But he's not been sold yet so he's hanging out at Dave's dad's land with Dottie until the day comes.

This is also the month Cooper and Cherry became incredibly close. These two are now a bit co-dependent which could pose a problem later. But, for now, it's cute. He even gives her kisses while she's doing tie-up training. 

Between all the shows, Taylor went to FFA Officer Camp where they planned the upcoming year and worked a lot of Sweetheart hours as well. Not to mention she volunteered to work with kiddos at VBS at two different churches. Love her sweet heart.