Tuesday, September 27, 2016


July was hot, humid and busy. We kicked off the month with another Battle of the Cattle steer show. It also included a decorating contest so we had to get festive. Though, admittedly, not nearly as extravagant as those who won.

Tiny got fashionable on her way to the show one morning.

And Cooper decided he was a cat about this time. A really large cat who almost knocks you over when trying to rub your leg. This behavior actually still exists and gets more painful as time goes on.

The little one had some nice footwear to celebrate Fourth of July...

...and spent the actual holiday at a waterpark while Sissy got some sleep.

Our work with Cherry Delight continued...

...and we got Sweetheart pic proofs in. :)

The most exciting part of the month was Taylor going to Texas State FFA Convention - she always has a blast and this year was no exception.

This awesome group also got to walk the big stage and received their Lone Star Degrees!

Late in the month we finally pulled the trigger and bought Taylor a car!!!

And Tiny also got her first ride as well. She prefers to push it instead of actually driving it, though. Thankfully her sister doesn't have the same issue.

Dave and I also celebrated our birthdays during July. They were pretty low key - not gonna lie. I had a raging sinus infection that was diagnosed the day before my birthday while Dave and I spent his big day helping our littlest angel through her first full blown stomach virus.

All in all, it was a fun month and led into vacation countdown.