Friday, October 17, 2014

Heart of Texas Fair

Last week was crazy, mind numbingly busy because it was time for the Heart of Texas Fair. We've always enjoyed the fair but now that Taylor is showing there and we've added a heifer to the mix, things got crazy. Between Tonto working six 12-hour shifts leading up to it, Taylor spending many hours at the barn getting ready and then putting in two 14-hour days on the grounds, it was just nuts. Fun. But nuts.

Thursday afternoon we got Sprocket settled and one of her sweet friends got Dottie in place (so thankful for him), got both of them checked in for the livestock show, picked up Tiny and Tonto and headed back to the fair for a bit of midway fun before the next day's craziness began.

See? Tiny was there...even if it's hard to tell. :)

We headed over to the nursing and birthing area while the older girls hit the rides. There were porcupines...

...lambs that were hours old...

...a zebra...

...and a camel, among all of the usual suspects.

Then we headed out and walked around the fair. Tiny loooooved the lights on the rides. Seriously, her eyes just LIT up.

And every time we left that part of the fair, she fell straight asleep. The girl knew what she wanted to see and was bored with the rest. 

 The next day began EARLY and had some bumps along the way but eventually Taylor and Dottie found themselves in the ring. With much older cows. I'm honestly not sure how or why the HOT Fair folks split the classes the way they did but sweet D looked like a runt. And she's a big girl. 

At the end of the day, it was good experience and isn't a big deal. Just slightly confusing. :)

They looked good in the ring, though.

And then there's Sprocket. He is a good goat and Taylor likes his personality better than any animal she's had, to be quite frank. He had a pretty good shape but needs to fill out before February's county show. He's a might bit skinny right now but hopefully will put on more muscle in the coming months.

The only (blurry) pic I got of her in the ring with him. It was late, y'all. As in she was in Class 13 out of 16.

All in all, it was a long but fun week. And now we have a year to recover and get ready to do it again. Of course, the friends involved and memories made are always the best part. :)