Wednesday, October 15, 2014

And then she turned 15...

Sweet Taylor,

It's so hard for me to believe that you celebrated your 15th birthday three days ago. Even harder to believe are the many changes that have happened in our family since your last birthday and how well you've handled each of them.

This time last year we had absolutely no way of knowing that you would be a big sister in a few short months. Or that it would happen almost overnight. But it did. And you were so excited. You were the first one to hold Tiny and she has been in love with her big sister ever since.

Though you had longed for a sibling (a boy, specifically) for YEARS, I was worried the reality of it might be too different that the idea. But I, once again, underestimated your ability to adapt and rise to the occasion. You would think - at some point - I would learn. :)

In addition to continuing to show goats, you added a heifer to the mix this summer and are now practicing for your first LDE competition on the Ag Issues team. Not to mention being selected for Youth Council a few weeks ago. You've decided your career goal is to be a physical therapist and are thriving in your Principles of Health Sciences class. You've even gotten over your squeamish reaction to all things blood and gore. At this point, we may have to start sitting you at the dinner table with Davey and Nana (the science minded ones) while Boppy and I talk marketing strategy!

Your confidence in yourself and your abilities has grown so much in the last year and, though I was very nervous about it, high school seems to be where you're finding yourself. And figuring out how to handle all of your responsibilities while also getting your work done. You don't let upperclassmen intimidate you and seem to have friends any and everywhere we go. Not to mention that you continue to be head and shoulders more mature than I ever was at your age.

And, yes, I get onto you about things like laundry, the state of your bathroom and cleaning your room. That's because I'm your mom. And, at some point, you're going to move away and need to have the skills necessary to take care of yourself. It's my job. But, all in all, those are things are miniscule. They can be taught. What cannot is the amazing compassion you have for others and an innate ability to make people around you laugh every single day.

You, my dear, are AMAZING. You don't define your worth with boys, relationships or material things. Don't get me wrong - you like all of the above - but you don't let them run your life. And, for that, I am eternally grateful. To say you make me a better person is the understatement of a lifetime. I am so proud of you that there simply aren't words to convey the depth of that pride.

Stay true to yourself, my dear, and keep laughing. It covers and soothes a multitude of difficulties. There is no one I would rather call mine. Never forget that...even as I encourage you to not only do your laundry but to hang it up as well. :)

Your Continually Amazed Mom