Thursday, July 10, 2014

Festivities of the Fourth

So, at this point, I'm so far behind on blogging that it's not even amusing; however, since we just celebrated a holiday (and we all know I'm ALLLLL about holidays), I thought it might be a good time for a little update. 

Truth be told, life is moving so quickly right now that I'm doing well to check everything off the 'to do' list each day. Wouldn't change it for the world but it also doesn't leave much time for blogging. Facebook and IG? Yes. Complete sentences? Not so much. :)

In what should come as a surprise to no one, Tiny had some festive clothing for the 4th of July. We had contemplated going to the Belton parade since it's tradition and all but my dad's cousin passed away last week so my parents made an unexpected trip to Tyler and needed some R&R. Plus, it was hot and Tiny isn't exactly a fan of sweating. AT ALL.

Luckily, the parade is now televised so we watched it from the comfort of our bedroom. Well, Tonto and I did anyway. Taylor was still asleep and Tiny passed out approximately 10 minutes after it began. But she looked adorable while taking a very long nap. (This will become Tiny's 4th of July mantra...just wait.)

Once Taylor roused, we decided to go ahead and do our grilling for the day because she had been invited to spend the afternoon and evening on a friend's houseboat. So we cooked, ate, cleaned up...and Tiny was still sleeping. We were, like, four hours in at this point. (No, she wasn't sick...just tired apparently...)

Eventually Tiny woke up - while Tonto was taking Taylor to the lake - and made it clear she was ready for a wardrobe change by spitting up all over the first one. Point. Taken. The second one was my fav anyway... :)

Side note: the romper was made of satin, which she apparently thought felt nice because she kept rubbing her tummy like a tiny buddha. A-dor-a-ble.

Once the older one was out on the lake, it was radio silence but I did manage to snag a pic from her IG account.

She had a blast and even watched the fireworks from the lake. Meanwhile, we tried to figure out why every single neighbor of ours thought it was ok to set off fireworks in the city limits. It was seriously ALL of them, y'all. And still Tiny slept. Meanwhile, Rambo hid in the closet.

Little one eventually woke up but the City fireworks had already ended so I showed her a video of them on my phone. And she found it FASCINATING. Maybe next year she'll stay awake to see them. :)

It was a late night waiting for Taylor to get home but we were up and at 'em early the next morning because it was time to show Dottie for the first time. More about that later, though. :)