Monday, June 23, 2014


Last week was unusually quiet in our house because Taylor was with her youth group in West on a mission trip. She spent the week painting again like she did last year. Which I'm thinking means she can totally help next time I get the urge to repaint a room. She should be a pro by now, right? :)

Because they couldn't take their phones to the work sites, she was incommunicado for most of the week. Where I was concerned anyway. I understand the boyfriend (yes, there is a boyfriend) got a bit more attention than mom. Which is, I suppose, par for the course at this point.

I had to laugh one night when I saw this pic posted on FB. Because not only does she look WORN FLAT OUT but I had been waiting for a return text for hours. And her phone is in her hand. I did finally get a response the next day. Baby steps...

She had an amazing week doing some much needed work for the folks in West. Could not be more proud of her and her heart for others. Was also so happy to have her home on Saturday morning. While I had expected her to immediately come in and fall asleep - in a foul mood - I was pleasantly surprised with a super chatty girl who didn't crash until 4pm. 

A lot of time has also been spent lately (and more this week) with Dottie the heifer. She makes her show debut next week. We are really just trying to get both Dottie and Taylor feeling more comfortable in the show ring and get a little experience under their belts...but it's still a big deal. :)

Yesterday was full of anticipation because Maw Maw was on her way from Louisiana to meet Tiny. As you can see, they decided they loved each other immediately. A couple hours of laughing around my mom's dining table with my sweet fam was just what this girl needed. And more of the same is coming in the next few days. Cannot. Wait.

This morning as I was packing the diaper bag, I looked over and saw Tiny doing some early morning exercise moves. She did this for about 10 minutes (concentrating on the core, from all appearances) and then passed out spread eagle. Which is how I feel after workouts a lot of the time. I'm not gonna lie. 

Here's to happy Monday and a good (I hope) week to come. :)