Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Putting the Fiesta in Texas

After our day long adventure at Sea World (and yummy dinner at Genghis Grill...somewhere I'd never been), we basically all passed out. And then got up relatively early the next morning to head to Fiesta Texas. Because we're certainly not ones to be in a city with more than one theme park and not hit at least two.

Seriously. We might need help.

Unfortunately, when we got to Fiesta Texas, it started storming. So we sat in the car for a while and hoped it would stop. It finally let up so we headed inside. And we rode, like, four rides before realizing a GINORMOUS cell was headed our way. Not willing to be miserable and wet all day for the cause of rollercoasters, we did what most sane people do - grabbed McDonald's and headed to the hotel pool. :)

It was Tiny's first time and, y'all, she LOOOOVED it. This girl loves the water. In fact, bath time might be her favorite part of the day. So this was right up her alley.

And Tonto's...

...and Taylor's...

...and sweet E's as well.

And, because the San Antonio allergens were working overtime, sweet girl not only spent some time having to inhale steam from the hot tub but also getting breathing treatments. It's tough living with a respiratory dude sometimes. You can't get away with not treating snotty issues. Which is a good thing. :)

After a nap and some R&R, we decided to head back to the park. And apparently 5pm after a rainstorm is THE TIME to ride, friends. There were NO lines.

I'm a total adrenaline junkie. And so was T's friend. T? Not so much.

But she is good for amusing photo ops.

Seriously...the duck lips?

One of the funniest things ever happened on this here ride. Y'all. I've been riding this with my girl for a couple of years. She's always hesitant to get on it but generally loves the outcome. But this was a different experience. For instance, she got strapped in and immediately said "guy, I don't want to do this anymore." Well, it was too late.

Between her screaming "just go ahead and kill me now, y'all" at the top and later DEMANDING the worker below (who was laughing hysterically) PUT HER DOWN, I could not stop laughing. And before you think I'm a terrible mother, she was laughing at herself as well. She's also decided any and all rides involving a tower are dead to her. Well...alrighty then.

Superman was, as always, a crowd favorite.

And after getting too hot, someone needed a multitasking break, which included Powerade and her phone. This one's allllll teenager at this point. Obviously.

We ended our day with a few more rides but none could hold a candle to the newly redone Rattler. Y'all. I swore this one off YEARS ago after an unfortunate incident with my dad and a fractured elbow. Mine, not his. But he had some fault there, let me assure you. :)

And when we went a few years ago, I write it off again because it was so rough that it was unrideable. But now it's an iron coaster. With a dry ice tunnel. And it's the best ride in the park. So much so that we rode it twice. 

Hardcore, huh?

And what I thought was going to be a washed out waste of a day turned into one of the most fun I've had in a long time. Isn't that always the way? :)