Thursday, March 28, 2013

So. Much. Basketball.

So I could lie to all who have been asking me why this little area of the World Wide Web has remained static for a week but, let's be honest, I've been busy having a lot of fun. Well, at least there's been a lot of activity. Most of which has been enjoyable.  :-)

Last Friday we headed to them mens' second round NIT game. And the girl even joined us - it was sort of like a pre-Easter miracle. Basketball, well, it's not her thing. Not even as a spectator. The good news is the men one despite playing 5-on-8 for the entire 40 minutes of game time. I could expound on the officiating but this is a family friendly place...

Saturday morning I woke up to this...

...and wondered how in the world I could bring myself to tell him we were about to leave him for 13 hours of volleyball. Well, the answer is that I didn't and instead just snuck out the back door. Passive aggressiveness can sometimes be a friend of mine. Yes, indeed.

We did spend seven hours of actual playing time in San Antonio. With no subs. Needless to say, the girl was TIRED but she got really delirious on the ride home and made me laugh out loud for three hours. The best possible medicine for anything that ails you. EVER.

Sunday we headed back to the Ferrell Center as the ladies put their dancing shoes on...

...and almost made their opponent cry.

And, while that evening was fun, it was nothing compared to Tuesday evening's second round game because we lucked into Drayton's tickets and sat on the front row. Center court.

Seriously, y'all, it was AWESOME.

And it couldn't have happened for a more perfect game since it was Brittney's last home game. We will miss her greatly. Both on and off the court. :-)

Quincy Miller, the men's team, and George (43) and Laura Bush were also in the house. But we had better seats. Let that sink in for a moment... 

And, because I know so many of my Louisiana peeps peek in here, here's your Kim Mulkey pic.

Yes, she was wearing sequins.

Which is only one of the reasons I love her. Dearly. :-)