Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Open Heart

So, yeah, I'm back from Louisiana. And I'm happy to report that my grandmother is doing well and that the surgery was successful. It was also really good to be back home, y'all. I really didn't anticipate that part of the equation but seeing things like this brought back a whole lot of memories.

Got got in late Wednesday evening and had to be at the hospital by 4:45am the next day. Needless to say, I was working on two hours of sleep. But this one was spry and ready to get the party started. I also learned that when people ask if the patient is wearing any jewelry and you say "just her belly ring," the whole room will ERUPT when said patient is 77 years old.

The surgery itself was long and most of us made it through on caffeine and pure determination alone. There were probably 15-20 people who came to see us while she was in the OR. And most of them stayed the entire time. It was a huge blessing, y'all, but best of all was when the surgeon told us she was done and resting comfortably in CICU.

Because we knew she'd be in there overnight and, once we were assured she was stable, we headed home for the evening and tried to catch up on some sleep. She was discharged to the floor before lunchtime the next day (hallelujah!) and I spent the rest of the day and night with her while my parents worked on a big project.

Of course, I also had some burning questions that needed to be answered by my very own healthcare professional.

We had a great day and a wildly eventful night that resulted in me getting zero sleep and Maw Maw being asleep for the next 15 hours. But all ended up well and a little sleep loss never hurt anyone. :-)

Because none of us had really had any sleep and I wanted to make sure she was completely stable before coming home, my dad and I delayed our departure until Sunday. And, while my mom sat with my grandmother on Saturday afternoon, he took me to Ralph & Kacoo's where I clearly fell off the low carb wagon. With. A. Vengeance. But I didn't even care.

 Saturday night was MUCH better on many fronts so we headed home (sans my mom) Sunday morning. It was a relatively uneventful trip though I did learn that some things cost extra in life. Even at McDonald's.

And when I got home this had happened. Hellllllo, spring!

So I've spent the week thus far trying to rejoin my regular schedule, getting the girl from place to place and having meetings at beautiful places on campus.

I'm a lucky, lucky girl. On many fronts. 

And sometimes spending four days in a hospital will make you realize just how blessed you my experience anyway. :-)