Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Midway Livestock Show

Stock show season came to an end last Saturday with the Midway FFA Livestock Show. It's been a long - and somewhat strange - three weeks since the county show. Almost everyone in the barn decided to give their goats a break, let them eat what they wanted, and lounge around. We were most definitely in that camp. Which probably explains why Bruiser gained eight pounds in three weeks. 

But I honestly do not care. ;-)

My girl was not exactly all about showing that day, as is evidenced by this candid shot, but she did love being around her friends. In fact, several came up just to see her show. It was precious.

We also got further confirmation that the next goat really needs to be treated as such. And not, you know, like a prized member of the family. Which is EXACTLY what Bruiser is to us. And also explains why he wants to jump on Taylor and hug her each time she sets him up.

This whole livestock thing is definitely something I would not have chosen. But my girl did. Surprisingly. And it's been an amazing blessing. We will absolutely be back next year. In fact, Tonto has already been in contact with a breeder.

And, though it was a bittersweet day, we were happy to see Mr. Bruiser come in third at the show. And we were sad to see all of the other goats leave while he stayed behind. 

Our plan was to pick him up bright and early the next morning to take him to his new home but those plans were foiled when his new herd had a pink eye outbreak. He'll head out on Friday instead and, in the meantime, is not hating the fact that he's getting a whole lot of attention out at the farm. :-)

I must say that one of the absolute funniest things I've ever seen happened last Saturday during the old-timers' pig showmanship competition. Y'all, it was hysterical.

And, pictured in the back of the pic below, you'll find Taylor's principal. He. Was. A. Hoot.

He was also very serious. But he didn't win as there was one older gentleman who pulled out all the stops. It was IMPRESSIVE.

And, again, side splitting.

So now we're just enjoying our finals days with our boy. And making big plans for next year. Funny what a difference a year can make.