Thursday, December 1, 2011

'Twas Moments Before ICE!...

One thing you may or may not realize about me is that I am a huge fan of a schedule. I like routine and sort of become cranky when it's thrown off. If I could show you my color-coded calendar right now, you would definitely believe me. I promise.

What's so strange is that, though I'm a slave to routine, we don't have a huge number of traditions in our little family. A lot of times we just fly by the seat of our pants (I blame it all on Tonto's influence) when it comes to the types of activities we participate in.

There are a few exceptions, though: Christmas on 5th at Baylor, football games in the fall, copious amounts of movies on Christmas break, going to at least one theme park in the summer and - for the last three years - going to Grapevine at Christmastime.

Last Saturday morning we got up early so we could browse through the atrium at the Gaylord Texan before seeing the latest ICE! exhibit, which is based on Shrek the Halls. As usual, the decorations did not disappoint.

And Tonto and I even got a picture of the two of us, which hardly ever happens :-)

Don't they look like they love each other? :-)

They always have the reindeer scattered around and each year they are dressed differently. Let's just say they were rather over the top this time around. And I love every second of it. So much so that I needed my picture taken with the one who shares my fashion sense.

These beautiful trees were in the lobby of the hotel. I got an email with super cheap rates a week or so ago but we decided not to stay there so we could be closer to the stadium. Once we saw they were showing Puss in Boots in one of the auditoriums, the girl and I were very sad we'd made that decision. One day we'll spend a weekend there, though. :-)

More fashion forward reindeer...

And my favorite fountain...

Back to reindeer. They just make me smile.

Santa was there as well but my girl thinks she's too old to sit on his lap and take a picture. She does not, however, believe she's too old to receive presents from the jolly fella. And, of course, what's a winter scene without Frosty, right?

And my favorite new addition - a rocking horse.

Did I mention their trees are ginormous?

Our pose was absolutely not planned. Guess we're more alike than I realize sometimes...

Of course, all was guarded by gigantic toy soldiers. Would you expect anything less?

After our fun in the atrium, we headed to the other side of the hotel for ICE! It was absolutely amazing but I'll your retinas and share those pics tomorrow :-)