Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Road to State

Last Thursday evening the girl and I headed up to the high school for the state championship pep rally. Truth be told, I only really went because I'd promised her a state finals t-shirt and that's the only time they were for sale to the public. But I decided, in the name of helping Tay build precious memories with her friends, that we could stay for the actual pep rally.

While there I noticed they had the various billboards that were in town throughout the season hung in the gym. The beautiful lady on the right is Dave's cousin :-)

There was much cheering, fun music,

dancing by the Goal Tenders, inspirational speeches,

and a recognition of the momentous occasion. This was the first time Midway has ever made it to the playoffs.

After work Friday evening, my little fam headed to Cowboys Stadium. Let's just say getting there was an adventure because sweet mercy at the traffic, friends.

Eventually we made it to the stadium, though, and we even found some seats. It was a Christmas miracle.

The girl was with a group of friends and they apparently spent more time checking out the various amenities Jerry added to this venue than watching the game. :-)

Our team fought hard and the score was very close for most of the game...

...and could have even been called a defensive battle.

Clearly there were a few (or 50,000) fans on hand to root the team to victory!

And had we made a few more plays at opportune times...

...we may have won. But, alas, it was not meant to be. Lake Travis won for an unprecedented fifth time in a row.

It was disappointing but the Panthers had an amazing season and it was such a fun ride. We were blessed to be able to join the team on their road to state.

And, in the end, my girl and one of her sweet friends were able to see the trees all lit up at the stadium. I even conned them into taking a picture!

But what I really want to know is how much taller is my child going to get?!?!